Program Content

This research-oriented master’s degree program focuses on organismic biology, meaning “entire” organisms, their reciprocal interactions, and their relationship to the abiotic environment. A broad array of module courses range from the theoretical foundations of ecology and evolution to their application in such fields as sustainability research or species conservation. The courses within a module (lectures, seminars, tutorials, internships, excursions) cover the entire spectrum from aquatic and plant ecology, to animal ecology and biodiversity research, to molecular and organismic evolutionary biology, to scientific nature conservation. Your education will focus on learning the current state of knowledge in the various fields of specialization, as well as a broad spectrum of methodologies in the laboratory, in field studies, and computer-supported modeling. Small learning groups enable early and individualized contact to our broadly skilled

Examination board

Prof. Dr. Jana Eccard (Chair)

Prof. Dr. Anja Linstädter (Vice Chairwoman)

Course guidance for EEC-students

PD Dr. Thilo Heinken