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BBIB Talks

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Spatial patterns and processes of biota in river networks

Speaker: Dr. Johannes Radinger (Guest Researcher IGB, Institute of Aquatic Ecology/ GRECO, Spain)
Biomove Friday

BBIB talk: Modelling the maintenance of diversity in ecology and evolution

Speaker: Dr. Meike Wittmann (Bielefeld Univ., Germany)
Evolution and Ecology Seminar, FU

Integrated management for effective biodiversity conservation in anthropogenic pond landscapes

Speaker: Dr. Pieter Lemmens (KU Leuven, Belgium)
IGB Colloquium

Title will follow

Speaker: Prof. Heribert Hofer & Dr. Andreas Knieriem (Director of IZW Berlin & Director of Tierpark and Zoo Berlin)
IZW Seminar

Tracking the social lives of songbirds

Speaker: Dr. Lysanne Snijders (IZW Berlin, Germany)
Biomove Friday

Annual BIBS Meeting 2019

The 4th Annual BIBS Meeting will be held in Dahlem.