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Scientific Events

For presentations in German language please look here (Link).

Closing meeting BIBS (2016 – 2021)

Now that the BIBS project is coming to an end, we want to bring it to a successful conclusion and thank everyone involved for the long-term cooperation. We want to celebrate this on a 2 days online event from 17 th - 18th August 2021.

On the first day, the different work packages will present their results between the BIBS team and its partners. Whereas on the second day, there will be the opportunity for workshops. So save the date and feel free to participate! If you want to register, please e-mail

BBIB Talks

Due to the corona situation all talks are online. If you are interested in a talk, you can ask for the access data via mail.

The Role of Memory in Shaping Animal Movement

Speaker: Jerod Merkle (University of Wyoming)
BioMove Research Training Group, UP