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Scientific Events

BBIB Talks

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Exploring the limits of life on earth and some thoughts about their relevance to the search for life in the universe

Speaker: Prof. Dirk Schulze-Makuch (Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics, TU Berlin)
Colloquium, IGB

Landscape genetics

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Niko Balkenhol (G-A-U Göttingen)
BioMove Colloquium, UP

A dynamical perspective on antibiotic resistance evolution

Speaker: Prof. Sebastian Bonhoeffer (ETH Zürich)
Evolution and Ecology Seminar, FU

The interaction between plant epigenomics and microbial diversity across ennvironmental gradient in a foundation species (Spartina alterniflora)

Speaker: Christina Richards, Ph.D. (University of Tübingen & University of South Florida, Department of Integrative Biology)
Colloquium, IZW

Ecological similarity and coexistence in close relatives

Speaker: Prof. Sharon Strauss (University of California Davis and Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin)
Evolution and Ecology Seminar, FU

Interdisciplinary approaches to understanding aquatic ecosystems in a changing world

Speaker: Dr. Stephanie Januchowski-Hartley (Department of Biosciences, Swansea University, UK)
Colloquium, IGB

TBA: About media ecology, climate change communication

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Birgit Schneider (UP & FH Potsdam)
Oberseminar, UP

Volatile organic compounds as signals in multitrophic interactions and their potential for biological control and biosecurity

Speaker: Prof. Michael Rostás (University of Göttingen)
Evolution and Ecology Seminar, FU

Wild non-human primate microbiomes, flies and pathogens in changing ecosystems

Speaker: Dr. Jan Gogarten (Robert-Koch Institut)
Colloquium, IZW

Polymorphic warning signals: Paradox or paradigm?

Speaker: Prof. Johanna Mappes (University of Jyväskylä and Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin)
Evolution and Ecology Seminar, FU

Understanding the impact of kinship on the evolution of primate sociality

Speaker: Prof. Anja Widdig (University of Leipzig)
Evolution and Ecology Seminar, FU

TBA: About ecosystems under pressure of global change

Speaker: Dr. Sonia Kefi (University of Montpellier & CNRS)
Oberseminar, UP

BBIB Talk: Science of Citizen Science

Speaker: Vanessa van den Bogaert (Museum für Naturkunde & Ruhr-Universität Bochum)
Colloquium, IZW

TBA: About plant resistance ecology

Speaker: Prof. Johan Stenberg (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Alnarp)
Evolution and Ecology Seminar, FU

Towards synthesis of fragmentation effects on biodiversity

Speaker: Prof. Felix May (Leuphana University of Lüneburg)
Evolution and Ecology Seminar, FU

The developmental drivers of collective behaviour

Speaker: Dr. Carolina Doran (IGB)
Evolution and Ecology Seminar, FU

The mayfly Cloeon dipterum: a new platform to study insect evolution and morphological novelties

Speaker: Dr. Isabel Almudi (Andalusian Centre for Developmental Biology, Seville)
Evolution and Ecology Seminar, FU

Species invasions in the Wadden Sea – How introduced organisms change our coastal ecosystems

Speaker: Dr. Christian Buschbaum (Alfred-Wegner Institute: Helmholtz Zentrum für Polar- und Meeresforschung)
Evolution and Ecology Seminar, FU

Biodiversity in the city

Speaker: Dr. Tanja Straka (TU Berlin)
Oberseminar, UP

Predictability and chance in evolutionary dynamics

Speaker: Prof. Patrik Nosil (Centre d'Ecology Fonctionnelle et Evolutive, CEFE, Montpellier)
Evolution and Ecology Seminar, FU