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ScapeLabs Experimental Platform

Detecting potential future shifts in biodiversity due to land use or climate change and its consequences for ecosystem functioning requires large-scale and long-term studies. The new large-scale ‘landScape Laboratories’ (ScapeLabs) address the landscape scale for biodiversity-ecosystem functioning studies. The explicit aim to combine modeling studies with the research conducted within the framework of different ScapeLabs will allow synthesizing and transferring the research findings obtained for different ecosystems and landscapes.

The single ScapeLabs:


The AgroScapeLabs platform provides
  • the infrastructural basis for landscape-scale functional biodiversity research in agricultural landscapes,
  • a mosaic of ecosystems and transition zones and 
  • a physical basis for land use change experiments beyond the plot scale.


The LakeScapeLabs provide the infrastructure for ecosystem-scale experiments to assess

  • fundamental biodiversity dynamics,
  • impacts of environmental change on aquatic biodiversity and proceses,
  • consequences of aquatic-terrestrial coupling.

Link to the LakeScapeLabs website.


The City Scape labs will provide a unique environment to address the complexity of the dynamic urban habitat mosaic. They aim at

  • exploring effects of rapid transitions in urban land use and habitat fragmentation on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning at different scales;
  • testing and developing theories and concepts related to rapid transitions in face of urban ecological settings; and
  • unifying inter- and transdisciplinary approaches that aim to optimize ecosystem functions and associated ecosystem services in dynamic urban regions.

The CityScapeLabs will be established within the BIBS project.