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Portal Beee: the Citizen Science communication platform

Portal Beee is designed as an interface between citizens and scientists in the Berlin-Brandenburg area. It is meant to encourage citizens to learn about biodiversity and to engage in biodiversity research projects. The platform provides information about Citizen Science projects, upcoming events and interesting facts about local biodiversity. For some projects, Portal Beee additionally offers the possibility of direct data entry via the website Stadtwildtiere.

The webpage „Stadtwildtiere“ (in German only) aims to inform the public about urban wildlife and engage citizens in urban ecology research. It comprises the following modules:

  1. Database for sightings of urban wildlife (animals, tracks…) which are shown on an interactive map.
  2. List of Citizen Science projects in which people can participate with varying levels of commitment
  3. Information about urban ecology research in Berlin
  4. Information about urban species and tips for a harmonious coexistence of humans and wild animals.

“StadtWildTiere Berlin” is part of an international collaborative project (partners: Verein StadtNatur Zürich, VetMed Universität Wien, Universität Freiburg), with similar sites established e.g. for Zürich, Wien and the German state of Baden-Württemberg (“StadtWildTiere” and “Wilde Nachbarn”).