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Research questions

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Berlin nature conservation authorities’ fields of interest:

  • Replacement habitats (also: which species can live together?), conditions of the resettlement, migration, development stage, etc.
  • Acceptance of nature conservation measures in general (education of society)
  • Enhance the potential of public green spaces, land development potentials (cooperation with urban green space planning offices
  • Marine organisms: trade, aquariums (keeping conditions)
  • Umbrella species (umbrella species protection leads to ecosystem protection)
  • Monitoring: "feedback" (comparing results with old data)
  • Scientific basis of reasoning (for example interventions → Why is something an intervention and for which species? (E.g. gravel road in NSG))
  • Effects of (construction) measures on species. Various impairments
  • Legislative decrees / changes: data before and after would be important → basis of reasoning
  • Real occurrence of special (protected) species (more important than "biodiversity" in general)