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ScapeLabs Experimental Platform

The ScapeLabs were developed as a joint cross-system experimental platform that represents a novel approach to expand experimental biodiversity research to the ecosystem and landscape scale. The ScapeLabs allow to:

  • link aquatic and terrestrial biodiversity and ecosystems,
  • bridge scales from microbioal systems to real landscapes,
  • capture degrees of anthropogenic influences on ecosystems ranging from near-natural to urban,
  • link experiments and theory at the ecosystem and landscape level,
  • include the full spatio-temporal context assessing and comparing genetic diversity and adaptation potential in different communities.

In summary, the ScapeLabs opened the path to assess rapid changes in multifunctional landscapes. They were the core infrastructure for the Biodiversity Policy Research Laboratories (BiPoLabs). The ScapeLabs consists of three components:

  • LakeScapeLabs,
  • AgroScapeLabs, and
  • CityScapeLabs.

See here for further information.